B2B services


Are you planning an incentive in Munich? You want to reward your employees for their great performance? Attractive incentive events are boosting every employee’s motivation, provided that the events are unique and overwhelming. We know every corner in Munich and therefore we create the best experience you can get in Munich. Guided tours in Munich are offered very often, but we think one step further! Besides all well-known sightseeing-spots in Munich, we offer individually arranged experiences, which even many locals don’t know! This guarantees an unique experience to your employees or customers which will be remembered a long time.

Experience how unique “the most beautiful city in the world” can be!


Do you have a product, a business or an emerging brand in Munich? Do you want to gain more clients or leads or just get more awareness for your brand? Then Munich Moments can help you for sure! The people behind Munich Moments come from a communication & marketing background and have extensive knowledge in the area of Social Media, Influencer Marketing, Sponsoring, Content-Marketing or Brand-PR. Our daily maxime is: “Play a role or go home”. Either our ideas play a role for the people, because they entertain, touch, surprise or provoke - or we go home! This know-how combined with a huge network in Munich is what you can expect with Munich Moments.

Just give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will advise you for free. Convince yourself how we’re going to boost your brand with highly creative measures to get straight into the heart of Munich residents.